Sabtu, 06 April 2013

The rise of Social Media Banking: money in the digital world

The banking industry has long evolved from his meager beginnings of tellers, crates and safe large looming with humidifiers to personal online banking, expansive, financial services and a myriad of other services designed to cater to a wider clientele. It is more important than just being a system of debts and credits, but now it’s important to be a visible presence and global to potentially millions of people. Social Banking can create a wider attraction for media product, customer recognition, building customer loyalty and overall sustainability of being simply “out there”.

Social media Bank can be provocative, as the rules regarding contact with the customer and product presentation is greater. The potential client has the ability to make more informed decisions regarding how you can invest money, create online account and also get financial advice without leaving your monitor. Social Banking provides customers with the opportunity to find goods and services that reflect their real needs financial support and find a bank that reflects their personality. Yes, the banks have personality as well. Banking Social media has the greatest opportunity to attract a wide range of clients who are interested in products and services they offer. Those users found on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others are informed customers who are exposed to many industries in a single click. Financial institutions with a “Like” they are more attractive to this media and get more attention. The digital generation is much more accessible and more likely to use services from those entities that share their interests and especially the media. In fact, it’s really good communication for those who become potential customers and a financial institution that is online and viewable. High visibility on the Internet may be the only sustainable option for building customer loyalty and customer simply because users means that the Bank is accessible, friendly and has a face “.

Social Banking can equalization in terms of longevity and growth potential while continuing to expand the goods and services in a social media forum. Banking Social media can become a platform created to sell the institution’s personality to attract customers who will grow with them. Goods and services can be tailored to meet the needs of growing demands and even changed to bring new customers in new and exciting ways.

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