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3 Secrets to spicing up your relationship with "Money Talk"

With the collapse of the housing market bust and the economic recession, you have not been through enough turmoil over the past decade already? You don’t need that your relationship is not too! To prevent this, start thinking of “Money Talk” as a spice for an intimate relationship. Not only that, but financial freedom, your intimacy, the happy future and all your dreams are doomed unless you commit to this way of talking about money!

But keep reading … There’s good news!

* Imagine having powerful production money conversations where you might solve problems, eliminate your concerns and design your dreams truthful.
* Imagine being prepared for any question of money that you may encounter.
* Imagine spending more quality time together doing more of what you like!
* Imagine the intimacy that you might have if you were on the same page, secure and confident for the future.

So how to get there? You need to start having honest conversations about your situation and your future. Now, this may be hard to do at first, especially if you jump into a big fight or bursting into tears every time you put your subject.But it can be done. And here there are four secrets to help you get started with powerful money conversations.

Make a commitment to objective 3 Money Talk!

# 1 Commit to not blame

If you want to break through your heartache and transform your relationship, you must be willing to accept 100% responsibility for your situation.Blaming has no space to exist! No blame your partner; no blame for the economy; no blame to yourself! Taking responsibility means looking objectively the situation, finding your role in it and looking for ways to change it.In addition to taking full responsibility, if you want to revitalize your relationship and rediscover the person fell in love with, which is also necessary to evaluate your level of willingness to do anything to change.

# 2 Are regular money meetings, structured, consistent

Once you’ve decided to step up to the plate in your relationship and life, the next step is to schedule a regular time to have a meeting. Schedule a meeting for an hour at a time and place not to be interrupted or distracted. I call this ‘ sacred ‘ money time. Start this first meeting to have fun, share stories about money and talking about things I love money.Do not start right on the heavy stuff, you probably don’t have the skills to do it so that (yet).But keep in mind, being consistent is the key. Consistency helps to build mutual trust. Can rebuild trust and become disciplined following and keep your commitment to the meetings. You see, it’s not that your partner is unreliable (which would be guilty, right?), is that it can be unreliable. Okay, okay, don’t stop reading now, I’m not trying to offend you, really. Of course you’re reliable in many ways, but are reliable in the area of money & relationship?

Be reliable means:

1) Will follow up with what you say,
2) actions are aligned with his words, and
3) your life is a reflection of your heart’s true desires and intentions.

The world sees you your actions, not your intentions.

If your behaviour is not reflective of your intentions, then he is not living your ideal life.

You see, every time you ignore the issues of money, every time you say you’re going to save then you haven’t, and every time you ignore the voice telling you’re overworking … She is untrustworthy. Summon up the courage, to find the inner strength to look what is really most important to you and do it.Hold a meeting. The meeting structure should be the same every week, using an agenda and take notes. Make a note of your ‘ open questions ‘, your resolutions and action steps each of you will recognize the feelings of others, look deeper into the problem and discover new ways to work together to create your ideal life. If you build a solid structure, you can have these conversations still love each other, respect each other and take your relationship to a new level.It is important at the end of the meeting at the agreed time, because you do not want these talks to drag on and on. I don’t want money problems fluctuating on all week and exploding at random times. Have consistent meeting times will be the treasure chest money decisions, reflections and conversations.

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