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5 ways to increase your financial security

A recent winner of the million dollar lottery in a shocking admission that reveals one of the five ways to increase your financial security. Alexandra Chaar was stunned to discover his lottery ticket made him a millionaire overnight.

The waitress works at a Mexican restaurant in Clearwater, Florida. She is a straight-A student at St. Petersburg College and plans on using part of the winnings by lump sum payment to pay for school. Chaar admitted he loved working and wasn’t giving up despite his good luck.

That illustrates one of the principles of financial success …

# 1: what I love to do … and … do what I love.

When you work at something that motivates them is much easier than excel. Most is to stay in the job, career or business financial stability and security that you get.

Here are four other principles to keep in mind:

# 2: Save. Of course, everyone knows that, but Americans don’t just save enough. A good idea is to set up 5% to 10% of your income in an interest-bearing account. Richest Americans save the more the 25% of their income. Of course, they have more so it can save more. But anyone can set aside even less than 1% or 2% per year.

# 3: Give. This may seem a bit backwards. You may have heard the saying “to get, you have to give.”

What it means is this: whatever you want more of trying to give to others and you will get back more to give. In practical terms, can you support a charity. Give a few dollars directly to individuals who are on their luck. Also give good tips on the money you put in the mentality of having money back to you.

# 4: diversifying sources of income. They depend on a salary from a job? If so, you’re living on thin financial ice “. You should lose your job, then there is no income.

A smarter strategy is to build multiple streams of income.

Here’s what rich people do. Invest in other enterprises and companies so their money can make more money.

For example, maybe you can set a couple of websites that sell products already use and tell others anyway. Might as well get paid for it.

Maybe you can get specific information about a topic you know a lot about and write a simple 50 page report that sells on Kindle. Signature as editor through Kindle is free.

# 5: Improve your consciousness of money. Without getting too metaphysical, the fact is that people who make a lot of money have a unique advantage over people who don’t make a lot of money.

That advantage is simply: financially successful people do not Harbor negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns of money used. Rich have a positive attitude about their finances, which allows them to keep perpetuating the financial security.

A good way to change your thinking about money is learning how to bring up. .. and … let go of all those negative thoughts. More delete your negative consciousness more money you’re free to have.

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